Thank you for visiting our entry support page. You are probably here because you are having some problems with your Google Apps Service or Apple hardware. We strongly advise visiting our main support page at This site has been specifically designed to help you, our valued customers, learn about our services. You can use the quick search to find the answer to your question.

If, however, you need one of our capable Support Engineers to visit  your premises to fix your problems, we will be glad to send them over. Please be aware that on-site support is not part of the monthly support fee and you will be charged additionally. We have an 8x5 call centre and support staff that will help you with any issues that you may have.

Contact our Support Engineers

 You can contact us in the following ways:
  1. Call us during hours on 0861 352 748
  2. Call us after hours on 011 024 8987
  3. Send us an email to
  4. Send us an instant message (Green means we are available to talk). Support Request

The process for logging a fault

When you contact us, you will get an acknowledgement and one of our Support Engineers will contact you. If there is a need to make changes to your PC or phone, we will perform the necessary work remotely. This remote access will require that you download a small application and grant us access to your device.

You will not receive a tracking number when you log a fault. Our system keeps track of all your requests which our Support Engineers will see when they click on your name.