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Past webinars

Here are some of the webinars that we have done in the past and some from our partners as well.

27th October, 2011: How to create a Form in Google docs

The video below is a snippet of the webinar that shows you how to create a Form using Google docs. We also elaborate on where it will best fit your organisation.

13th May, 2011: What is Google Apps?

This webinar is a brief introduction of Google Apps and the key services that come with Google Apps. This webinar also gives information about the Blue Jaguar's capability and offering.

Duration: 23 minutes - View the webinar here Below is the presentation only without any voice.

What is Google Apps May 2011

29th August, 2010: Unlocking the potential of your team with Google Apps

This webinar focuses on how you can unlock the full potential of your team and get things done faster using the same collaboration tools that we use: Google Apps. This webinar shows how your teams can:

29th July, 2010: Why Google Apps?

Why Google Apps? Find out why more then 2 million businesses have moved to Google Apps. In this webinar get an overview of Google Apps and Google's vision in the cloud before being taken through a comprehensive demo of the Apps suite. Throughout the demo, Q&A is taking place via the Q&A panel (also shared in this recording.)