We offer a number of services associated with Cloud Services which are listed below. We are passionate about cloud services such as Google Apps and Marketplace applications that integrate with Google Apps. 

  Are you ready for the Cloud?
Cloud services is a daunting thought for those that run businesses with many internal inter-dependencies on applications. What if we could tell you whether you are ready for Cloud services using your own data? Well, we can do that today. Read more.
Email Archiving
Archiving is so important in today's business world to reduce the risk of litigation caused by the "he-said-she-said" situations. And every company has a policy for employees to archive their email. Yet, how many actually do this diligently? Blue Jaguar can provide email archiving solution with up to 10 Years of email retention and no mail store quota. Read more

Google Apps Installation & Support
Google Apps is a powerful set of tools which will be a lifesaver, if set up correctly. We follow best practice to configure your Google Apps deployment and we will be there whenever you need the help. We offer a Bronze, Silver and Platinum service. Read more.

Google Apps Training
Training is an integral part to becoming more efficient. Our training sessions are specifically designed for novice users. We have an intensive, hands-on training session that can be done at your offices or ours. Enquire by sending an email to sales@bluejaguar.co.za

Cloud Backup
Any business knows how important it is to keep their records safe. The last thing you want is a client dispute and you are unable to substantiate your claims. You can backup to off-site tape which is rock solid but tedious to recover from when something goes wrong. Why dont you backup to the cloud. Cloud Backup gives you a cost-effective solution which is easy to recover from when you need to. Enquire by sending an email to sales@bluejaguar.co.za
Integration & Development 
Is there something unique that you need. Maybe you need integration with Google Maps and Calendar. We can help you with that. We have a team of developers that are available to create the marvellous that will help your business function better. This even applies to creating your website using Google Sites. Enquire by sending an email to sales@bluejaguar.co.za