Fancy Working from Home Today?
What about working in the FUTURE, Today?

Our Cloud-based solution, based on Google Apps for Business, allows you to work from home or the Karoo using your phone, PC or tablet. Watch the video to learn more.

Our customers LOVE Google Apps & Our Service
Join 4 million businesses that have GONE GOOGLE around the world.
Advertising industry
We love that you made the whole process so easy. Google Apps with all its functionality is awesome.
Accounting Firm
The real-time collaboration is amazing and helps us be more efficient. Thanks for developing further applications for us.

Aviation Industry
Google Apps really helped us manage the big documents that flow between all our bases.
Blue Jaguar's value

We will help you GO GOOGLE and Support you thereafter. We will setup your Google Apps domain, create your users, setup your PC, phone and tablet. We will even provide training, if you need it.

Our services are sold in Bronze, Silver or Platinum versions.

 Features  Bronze Silver Platinum 
Google Apps Domain Setup Y Y
Per user account setup N Y
Per user device setup N N
Local Support N Best-Effort With an SLA 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a domain for Google Apps?
Yes. But, if you don't have one, we will create one for you.

Would you do a demo at our offices?
Gladly. We can come to your offices at your convenience to do the demo. Or, we can do a demo remotely by using or screen sharing and webinar tools. These are easy to setup and easy to use. Fill this form in to get a demo.

Does Google Apps come with a website?
Yes. A core application of Google Apps is Sites which will allow you to create a website with drag & drop gestures. In fact, this website is built using Google Sites. We can link your to a Site that you create in Sites.

Which areas do you provide service in?
We can deploy Google Apps for any company in the Southern Hemisphere. We can also support you remotely with the tools that we will apply to your devices. We also travel to other parts of South Africa depending on your needs.

Can I try Google Apps before I buy it?
Yes. You can get an Assisted Trial from us for 1 month. You can have as many pilot users on this trial without affecting your current email setup.

Can I keep on using Microsoft Outlook?
Yes. Google Apps has tools that will enable you to continue working on Outlook even though you will migrate to Google Apps. At the same time, there is functionality in Google Apps which will not transcend the Outlook divide.

Are there any big companies that are using Google Apps?
Certainly, Cell C, Bateman Engineering, HBZ Bank, Flight Centre are just a few to be mentioned.