Blue Jaguar Consulting (BJC) is a company that has a pedigree of engineers and marketers to advise, implement and support cloud services.
Cloud services is the new move that will get you deeper into the Internet. Many of us have used the Internet to surf a website but have you ever used it to write a document, make a drawing or share a video? Cloud services takes those applications that we are used to using on our PC and puts them on the Internet so you can access it from anywhere. You can choose who to share it with from a web browser from any device.
Blue Jaguar wants to bring cloud services to the small and medium businesses. We want to give you these services on a pay-per-use model so that your costs will grow with you and not stifle your profitability. We want to give small businesses professional tools to make them more competitive against the larger businesses.

All of this will help small businesses maintain a stable cashflow and survive during turbulent times.

Blue Jaguar believes in “innovate or die”.  We ensure this by investing in constant market research and customer visits which feed the creative engine within Blue Jaguar to churn out innovative ideas. These ideas are phased in based on competitive market threats or major customer pushes.

Blue Jaguar has a strong sales force and support team that is available. whenever you need them, within the Johannesburg region. We also have developers that focus on providing professional integration between various vendor products that meet our customer’s needs.