We help companies to be more effective at what they do without worrying about the technology they need.

IT Affordability
We give you great collaboration, e-communication and applicaion services at magical prices. You will be blown away when you see the value you get from us.

Superior business tools
Are large companies the only ones that have fit-for-purpose business tools? Let us show you brilliant tools that will help you beat the big boys.
Effective communication
Effective communication is accessing the right person or information whenever you need to and from wherever you need to. Instant Messaging, Email, voice and video on your PC or phone.
Local support
A global brand and global product with local support. "Local is lekker" so we have made sure that there is a team of local experts willing and able to provide you with the personal touch and the level of support that you expect.

"We sell Google Apps" 
"We create websites with Google Sites" & "We create applications using Google Services"

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