Reduce the cost of mobile calls
  • Reduce communication costs by getting the office to call the remote worker via the LCR router. Saving costs!!!
  • Technicians in the field have Google Talk on their phone
  • Technician sends an IM to the office and the Office calls back.

Work on the road
  • Become a power user on the road and be more productive with easy access to people and documents.
  • Have access to your documents, calendar, emails and more without the Blackberry server- on any phone.
  • See the availability of your colleagues using Google Talk and chat with them when you need them.
  • View and edit documents from your phone.
  • Work from home as well and avoid the costly toll roads.

Manage your projects
  • Centralise your project in one place. Get a view of the project's status at one glance.
  • Track tasks, deliverables and timelines on the project board.
  • Use the count down to create a sense of urgency around the project.
  • Upload & collaborate on documents in one place
  • You don't have to be an HTML genius to create a project site. You just need to "drag & drop"

Super-charge your PBX
  • Turn your old PBX into a super PBX with unified communications that integrates into your email system.
  • Put your extension on your cellphone, desktop or your secure Google Mail web site.
  • Get your voicemail in your inbox.
  • Re-route calls based on your Google Talk Presence and your calendar events.
  • Click-to-dial from your contacts or your Web-enabled CRM application.

Keep your data safe
  • Do you backup mission critical data to an on-site server and then to tape. What about the data on the laptop and PC. Now you can keep that safe too.
  • Have access to your safe data from any location.
  • You can even backup and archive all your emails.
  • You can search through documents and emails with an easy-to-use web interface.
  • Get 20GB of storage for as little as R50 per year- that is less than R5 per month.
  • Go up to 16 Terbytes. Thats a lot of photos and movies.