more productive
Users are able to work anywhere from any device. Collaboration is dramatically increased with Google Sites and Google Docs.
less IT spend
Most CIOs saw tangible IT cost reductions when compared to traditional on-premise IT systems. On-premise collaboration solutions are complex & costly to implement.

*Read the Forrester report

Benefits of Google Apps

No On-Premise servers
No need for tedious patching. No need for special resources to maintain the hardware.
No need for large lump sum payment for software. Only pay for what your use.

Protected data
All you data is protected in SAS70 approved data centres.

Any information, Anywhere
You can use your phone, your PC or any Internet connected device to access all your data and communicate wtih anybody.

Constant innovation
Google Apps is getting better all the time and you have access to it whenever you want.

We can deploy & configure Google Apps within a few hours. We can add other apps too.